andaman medical at medtech integrates june 2021

Andaman Medical at Medtech Integrates Conference 2021

Andaman Medical is proud to be an Exhibitor Sponsor at this year’s Medtech Integrates Conference 2021 hosted by LifeScience Integrates. Victoria Caldy and Shouzheng Tan will be on hand to answer attendees’ queries on registering their medical devices and medical equipment in the Southeast Asian countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam


As a provider of on-site medical device registration services throughout Southeast Asia we have assisted many companies throughout 2020 to register their COVID-19 test kits. And with many more enquiries coming in every day, DETECTION is still paramount. 

This conference raises an interesting question in one of the REFLECTION sessions entitled “Innovation or Renovation? With so many diagnostics repurposed for COVID-19, should we stop focusing on innovation and put our efforts into building on current tech or repurposing? 

And PROJECTION into the future can’t ignore the place that rules and regulations have to ensure patient safety and efficacy of devices. 

Come talk to us about registering your medtech in these growing markets. 

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