Medical device importation

Only registered medical devices may be imported into the 6 major ASEAN countries we cover, unless the product has been exempted from registration. Each country has its own country-specific regulations, requirements and procedures not only for registration but also for the importation of medical devices and IVDs, it is therefore advisable to work with a local partner on-the-ground in your target country to ensure a successful market access strategy.

What are the typical requirements for importing medical devices?

Are there any exemptions?

Importers duties and obligations

Most countries impose mandatory duties and obligations on importers of medical devices and IVDs such as:

How Andaman Medical can help with importing medical devices:

Depending on your target country, we will act as your appointed importer as well as your independent local authorized representative or marketing authorization holder. This means you can retain the freedom to appoint as many distributors for your device as you require, while your product license remains unaffected by any changes in your distributor network.

Discover more about importing medical devices to each country we cover:

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