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Malaysia: MDA Released Third Edition Guidance Document on Medical Face Mask and Respirator (MDA/GD/0033)

The Medical Device Authority (MDA) released the Third Edition Guidance Document of Medical Face Mask and Respirator (MDA/GD/0033) on May 19, 2023. This guideline was intended to provide clarification on medical face masks and respirators regulated under the Section 2 of Medical Device Act (Act 737) and is applicable to establishments, healthcare facilities, and public dealing with medical face masks and respirators.

The new guideline updates the Annex A WHO Recommendations Table on Mask or Respirator use in health care setting depending on transmission scenario, target population, setting, activity and type. For further information on “Third Edition Guidance Document Medical Face Mask and Respirator (MDA/GD/0033)”, please refer to this link

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