Indonesia introduces new Stamp Duty Rate

Indonesia introduces new Stamp Duty Rate

The Indonesian government has set the stamp duty rate for 2021 at a single tariff of IDR 10,000, which came into force on 1st January. Previously different stamp duties of IDR 3000 and IDR 6000 were applicable; however, a single tariff is now in force to provide equality between paper and electronic documents.  

This new stamp duty is applicable to Statement Letters or other similar letters used for registering medical devices and obtaining licenses. According to an announcement by the Ministry of Health Directorate of Medical Device Assessment, this is applicable to all submissions as of tomorrow, 20th January 2021, however according to transitional provisions stamp duty can be paid for by using existing, already purchased stamps of a value of IDR 3000 and IDR 6000 to make a total value of no lower than IDR 9000 until 31st December 2021.

Read more on the Indonesian Ministry of Finance website

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