Indonesia launches dedicated ecatalogue medical devices

Indonesia’s Ministry of Health launches dedicated e-Catalogue for medical devices

Indonesia’s Ministry of Health has launched a dedicated e-Catalogue for medical devices on Friday 11 February 2022. Previously, one e-Catalogue existed for all products procured by the government from street lighting to pacemakers. This has now been split into a national e-Catalogue for items that are required nationally, and sectoral e-Catalogues which are specific to ministries such as the Ministry of Health.

This means that medical devices, health-supporting tools, and household health products will no longer be reviewed by Indonesia’s National Public Procurement Agency (NPPA = LKPP), but by the Ministry of Health (MoH).  Companies can register their products for inclusion in the MoH sectoral e-Catalogue from 11 February 2022 until 30 November 2022.

Registration is open for all types of medical products as stated in the Indonesia E-Catalogue List of Medical Devices February 2022. It lists the types of products that can be registered including their categories and sub-categories:

  • Medical Devices – a total of 1483 product types (page 1-69),
  • Non-Medical Devices (Health Service Supporting Tool) – a total of 88 product types (page 70-73),
  • Household Health Supplies – only 1 product type is opened – Antiseptic and Disinfectant (page 73).

One of the requirements to be listed in the e-Catalogue is to have a product approval license or market authorization in Indonesia. In essence, this means that a medical device already has to be registered in Indonesia before applying to be listed in the e-Catalogue.

Further information on provider requirements, technical requirements, and the mechanism for product inclusion in the MoH e-Catalogue will be shared when available. The e-Catalogue lists the technical specifications and prices of certain goods and services from various providers for supply to public healthcare establishments.

As Andaman Medical is registered with the Indonesian Ministry of Health as a medical device importer and distributor, it means we can list your medical device in the e-Catalogue. 

If you would like information on the e-Catalogue or are interested in registering your medical device in Indonesia please click the button below.  

To learn more about registering medical devices in Indonesia click here.

To learn more about the Indonesian medical device market click here.

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