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Indonesia opens e-Catalogue to imported medical devices

We’re happy to share that Indonesia’s National Public Procurement Agency (NPPA = LKPP) has again opened its e-Catalogue to imported medical devices. This means that both imported and domestic Medical Devices and Health Service Support Equipment (Non-Medical Devices) can be submitted.
The e-Catalogue was last opened to imported medical devices in 2018, however an important difference this time is that the submission of all required documents must be done online and the timeframe in which to do is extremely short: starting on 15 December and ending on 19 December 2020 (if there is no amendment).
The LKPP has opened submissions for all categories of medical devices covering 1480 product types as well as one non-medical device (Health Service Support Tool), namely a Patient Simulation Tool.
Foreign manufacturers who wish to supply public healthcare establishments in Indonesia are advised to contact their local authorized representative, as their product license holder, to prepare their submission to avoid missing the cutoff date of 19 December 2020. An important part of the submission is the requirement to provide a price list of government and non-government establishments for each product together with the bid price in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).
The LKPP will evaluate the product submission and if complete and eligible, the LKPP will invite the eligible product license holders to a negotiation on the product’s price. A Ministry of Health Officer will also join in on the appointed day for price negotiation. Once a price has been agreed, the LKPP will issue a Contract of Catalogue to those successful. The turnaround time for these contracts to be issued is scheduled for early February 2021.  
Andaman Medical is registered with the Indonesian Ministry of Health as a medical device importer and distributor which means that we can list your medical device in the e-Catalogue. The e-Catalogue is an electronic information system that lists the technical specifications and prices of certain goods and services from various providers for supply to public healthcare establishments.
For more information, please read our Overview on the e-Catalogue which lists some of the documentation required to be listed as a supplier.
If you would like information on the e-Catalogue or are interested in registering your medical device in Indonesia please send us an email to

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