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The Philippines announces introduction of essential medical device list and price ceilings

During the COVID-10 pandemic a list of essential medical devices was drawn up as they were deemed essential for public health in combatting Coronavirus. These products also had a mandatory price ceiling fixed. The Philippines government has since decided to extend this measure to medical devices in general in order to secure supply chains and monitor price regulation by publishing Administrative Order no.: 2021-0038 entitled “Framework for the Philippines Essential Medical Devices List and Price Reference Index”.

The Philippines government will publish a list of essential medical devices known as the Philippines Essential Medical Device List or PEMDL. All those products listed in the PEMDL will be subject to a mandated maximum price known as the Medical Devices and Supplies Price Reference Index or MDSRPI. The PEMDL and the MDSRPI will be applicable for all purchases made by Department of Health (DOH) owned health care facilities including hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

The MDSRPI will be updated annually to reflect the latest list of essential medical devices as some medical devices may no longer be considered essential or may even have had their market approval withdrawn by the Philippines Food and Drug Administration (FDA), whilst newer innovative products may also be introduced onto the market which could be considered vital for public health. For the latter, Health Technology Assessment routes will be used to establish a reference price if they are listed in the PEMDL.

The aim of this Administrative Order is to:

  • establish a database of essential medical devices
  • promote price transparency and provide a guide on procurement for all Department of Health owned health care facilities.

The MDSPRI will take into account the following in calculating the final acquisition cost to the end-users:

  • landed cost,
  • packaging,
  • delivery,
  • installation,
  • training,
  • warranty,
  • maintenance or quality assurance,
  • manufacturing overheads,
  • and regulatory/FDA fees.

The MDSPRI shall exclude other costs such as:

  • hospital/facility services,
  • storage fees,
  • and other reasonable mark-ups as determined by the DOH.

Please note that this Administrative Order, the PEMDL nor the MDSPRI are NOT yet in effect and are subject to modification before final and official publication. Andaman Medical will notify you as and when this happens.

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