Philippines FDA retail prices covid19 medical devices

Philippines FDA proposes retail prices for Covid-19 related medical devices

The Philippines Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released Memorandum No. 2021-0197 which updates the Suggested Retail Prices for Emergency Essential Medicines and Medical Devices.

This update has been issued in light of the ongoing Corona Virus disease pandemic. The update repeals Memorandum No. 2020-043 of 9 September 2020 and its amendment.  

The Memorandum lists products by generic name, strength or form alongside the suggested retail price in Philippine Peso. Lowest and highest suggested retail prices are sometimes also listed. Medical device products listed include face shields, face masks, alcohol solutions, surgical gloves and gowns, oxygen tanks, non-contact thermometers and ventilators.

Medical device manufacturers are advised to refer to this suggested retail price list as it came into effect immediately.

FDA Philippines Memorandum No 2021-0197 SRP April 2021

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