Philippines Price Limit Covid19 RT PCR Tests

Philippines: Price Limit for Covid-19 RT-PCR Testing

The Philippines Department of Health has issued an update to information concerning the Price Limit for Covid-19 RT-PCR Testing. The initial Circular No. 2021-0374 was issued on 26 August 2021. This amendment (Circular No. 2021-0374A) clarifies the price limit and other matters as follows:

  1. Turnaround Time for RT-PCR Tests.

Laboratories are mandated to observe a turnaround time (TAT) within 24-48 hours Therefore, no additional fees shall be charged for results issued within the TAT.

  1. Price Cap for Private Laboratories

The statement “with 20% allowable markup” was removed from the private price cap. The price caps are reflective of the costs associated with conducting a test.





Price Cap for Cost of Procedure

Php 2,800 (US$55)

Php 2,450 (US$48)


Price Cap for Cost of Procedure

Php 3,360 (US$65)

Php 2,940 (US$58)

  1. Scope and Applicability:

a) The price limit applies to all public and private Department of Health (DOH)-licensed testing laboratories and its third-party specimen collectors; private insurance companies and other public / private entities that pay or provide testing services; drive-through services within the premises of the laboratories’ property.

b) Prices are inclusive of VAT. The current rate of VAT at the time of writing (14 February 2022) is 12%.

c) Reimbursement based on PhilHealth benefit packages is still in effect. No other fees shall be charged on top of the reimbursement.

d) Any subsidized or donated kits and supplies from the government must not be charged to clients.

4. Price Cap for Offsite Services

A change has been made from “Home Service” to “Offsite Services” which are defined as any venue outside the premises of the testing laboratory. The maximum additional amount which can be charged for offsite services remains at PHP 1,000 (US$20) on top of the existing cost of the procedure.

  1. Reiteration on the Guidelines for Remote Collection

Remote collection for off-site services shall follow the guidelines stipulated in the following issuances:

a) Department Circular No 2020-0319-

b) Department Circular No 2020-0367-

c) Department Circular No 2020-0383-

6. Reporting of Overpriced RT-PCR Tests

Any overpriced FT-PCR tests found on the market should be reported by submitting information to the HFSRB-CAU at or at 8651-7800 loc 2527, 2500-2503.

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