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Philippines: Reiteration Against Unethical Business Practices Related To The Promotion Of Prescription Pharmaceutical Products And Medical Devices (PPPMD)

The Philippines Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an Advisory No. 2022-2045 on 29 December 2022, to warn all Prescription Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices (PPPMD) companies, and healthcare professionals (HCPs) not to engage in unethical business practices as mentioned in the provisions of Administrative Order (AO) No. 2015-0053 entitled “Implementing Guidelines on the Promotion and Marketing of Prescription Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices (PPPMD). According to the AO, the interaction between PPPMD companies and HCPs on promotional information and activities, entertainment and recreation, and items and gift shall be observed to achieve an end goal of improving and promoting the rational use of PPPMD and safeguarding the patients’ rights and welfare.

To report violations related with promotion and advertisement of PPPMD, you may contact the FDA at:

Further information of this Advisory, please refer to this link

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