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Philippines: Reminder on the Submission of Financial Reports through the FDA Online Disclosure Reporting System

The Philippines Food and Drug Administration is reminding all FDA-licensed manufacturers, traders, repackers, distributor-importers, and distributor-wholesalers of drug, medical devices, and biological products, including vaccines, and medical supplies

to submit their disclosure reports related to financial relationships with healthcare providers and healthcare professionals, pursuant to Section 35 (b) of RA No. 11223 Ethics in Public Health Policy and Practice. The reports shall be submitted on or before 15 July 2022 covering the 1st half of the year.

With the issuance of Department of Health Administrative Order No. 2021-0036, the FDA has provided guidelines and developed the Online Disclosure Reporting System (ODRS), wherein concerned stakeholders are able to submit all disclosure reports of financial relationship online.

Please refer to the links below for the announcements and guidelines:


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